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From its foundation, the firm has sought to distinguish itself by the excellence of the services provided. It has since then, steadily grown to become one of the most respected Law firms of the country in the area of Intellectual Property Law, with clients ranging from individuals to some of the largest multinationals.

Serving clients who sometimes are thousand of miles away from us is very demanding and prompt responses and fluent communications are very important. We understand that if a client in London, Paris, New York, Mexico or any other capital or city of the world sends us a request or inquiry, is because the matter is important and requires the immediate acknowledgement and attention.

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20 Avenida A, 1 y 2 Calle S.O. Barrio Río Piedras, San Pedro Sula, Honduras C.A.

Tel.: (504) 550 7744 (504) 552 8615 (504) 550 2624 - Fax: (504) 550 0795 (504) 552 8570

E-mail: ipadmin@bufetemejia.com

Web Site: www.bufetemejia.com

Attention: Mr. Ricardo Aníbal Mejía M.

E-mail: rmejia@bufetemejia.com

Attention: Mr. Tito Aníbal Mejía P.

E-mail: tmejia@bufetemejia.com

Tegucigalpa Office

#639 Paseo La Leona, Tegucigalpa, MDC, Honduras

Tel. (504) 238 0161

Attention:  Ms. Ana María Ordóñez


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